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with Chiropractic in Santa Ana

Chiropractor In Santa Ana CA
Chiropractor In Santa Ana CA
Chiropractor In Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana Chiropractor

We are motivated to work every day so that we can help people live better. Our services are focused on providing you the best services every time you walk through our doors.

What is Chiropractic Adjustment?

Chiropractor In Santa Ana CA

A chiropractic adjustment is a procedure otherwise known as spinal manipulation, where the treatment includes modulated exertion of force to the spinal joint. This natural treatment aims to enhance the performance and functions of your body and help your spinal move without so much constraint.

Tight spinal joints can result in neck, back, shoulders, uncontrollable headaches, and other related physical discomforts. To treat these inconveniences or prevent them from causing more damages, there are related chiropractic treatments you can do. Here are the most typical chiropractic treatments that most people seek.

1. Gonstead Chiropractic

It is an interactive chiropractic treatment long term body pain for the back, neck, and others are assessed and given appropriate treatment.

2. Activator Technique

A mechanical device is used in adjusting the vertebral spine and joints to relieve the patient from lower back pain and other pains that are causing recurring headaches.

3. Thompson Method

The chiropractor administers this treatment by using a drop table for the patient. Adjustments for the velocity, force, and magnitude are controlled, reducing forceful impact when the chiropractor pushes the back of the patient.

4. Flexion-Distraction

The decompression manipulation process is involved in this technique, where it mostly targets lumbar spine-related injuries. Scoliosis, disc hernia, low back pain, arthritis, sprains, and strains are a few of the illnesses that flexion-distraction treats.

5. Diversified Technique

Diversified chiropractic treatment is widely used in treating all types of body pain. If you are looking for instant relief from aching muscles or joints, then this treatment is what you probably need.

Gonstead Chiropractic vs. Other Chiropractor Treatments

The Gonstead technique is a unique chiropractic treatment that deals with all the connected pain, discomfort, and issues concerning spinal joint and bone misalignment. The Gonstead method is more than just treating body pains and offering instant relief but also requires a detailed analysis of the problem's root cause. The chiropractor then devises necessary treatment for the concerned issues.

Gonstead Treatment follows a particular process in assessing and treating their patients. Here are these procedures.

  1. Prior to the start of the treatment, the assigned chiropractor interviews the patient for the medical history. Existing illnesses, medications, previous accidents, and other factors affecting the treatment are strictly recorded for the spinal assessment.

  2. To evaluate the condition of the patient, an x-ray examination is given. Posture, possible joint and disc damages, misalignment, and other related injuries are checked in this process.

  3. The movement and other physical actions of the patient are also scrutinized to follow up on initial findings and to check other possible issues.

  4. The chiropractor uses Nervoscope to identify nerve pressure in both the lower and upper spine. This device can also detect soreness in other parts of the body.

  5. The patient is asked to do certain movements and stretches while the chiropractor observes and feels motion palpation, commonly known as joint restriction, due to specific nerve problems.

  6. After the motion palpation check, the patient is asked to be in a stationary position to check for static palpation or examination of any swelling or inflammation. In contrast, the patient is not in motion.

Who can Undergo Gonstead Chiropractic Treatment?

  • Chiropractor In Santa Ana CAGonstead treatment is advisable for people who spend most of their daily time sitting and doing office works. Pain related to the neck, back, shoulders and knee are common issues concerning working people. Neck adjustment is necessary because recurring neck pain can result in terrible headaches.

  • Chiropractor In Santa Ana CASprains and strains are possible for being physically active. To improve your performance as an athlete or physically active person, you can avail of a Gonstead treatment. It greatly enhances your performance, flexibility, and motion range and eliminates the possibility of pain after physical activity.

  • Chiropractor In Santa Ana CAPregnant and postpartum moms can also visit a Gonstead chiropractor to ensure a well-balanced pelvic for smooth delivery. It also works well with children in preventing acid reflux, colic, and ear infection.

  • Chiropractor In Santa Ana CAOr anyone interested in having a healthier spine. Gonstead treatment helps improve your posture and balance; it also helps in having a good and sound sleeping routine, relieves headaches and pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

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Our Mission

Our motivation is to use the science of chiropractic specialization to help individuals regain their health, restore their confidence, and improve their wellbeing so they can live wonderful and pain-free lives. Our specialists will educate patients on focusing on health as a way of life, so they can also impart their healthy habits to their family and friends. Children, with the help of chiropractic, will be able to live active lives without parents worrying about injuries that could limit their development. As for elderly people, chiropractic can help relieve aches and allow them to walk more comfortably. Moms, experiencing a lot of stress at home, and Dads who are working for their families and earning a living can find relaxation from these treatments. The best thing about it is that the effects of the treatment are long-lasting